Interview with Blackout (January 2015)


1. Hello, you introduce is not necessary. However, how long you are on the scene? The members of your band act elsewhere?

g_blackout_01Blackout have been around in one form or another since the early 90’s.the original line up folded and 2 members, Stinko and Miffy joined Celtic Warrior, around 96 brad joined Celtic Warrior and after a short time Stinko suggested that the two of them along with our good friend Freeman reform Blackout. This we did as a three piece band and we recorded two songs as that line up for the Voice of Britain vol 1 compilation CD. Unfortunately Stinko passed away in 98 and so the band was once again folded until 2005 when we managed to get a solid line up and we came back on the scene as a five piece band.

Members of the band have been involved in various other projects with brad being in Celtic Warrior for many years and also playing in Brutal Attack which he still does. Freeman has played for Celtic Warrior in the past and has also drummed on some other projects including white lighting with Ozzie Nigel and Billy. Steve our bass player played in Battle Standard for a short time but none of the other current members have been involved in any other bands.

Blackout2. You’re known as player in the Brutal Attack. What says Ken about your project?

Ken is very supportive when it comes to Blackout, he sang on our first cd when we covered the Brutal Attack song End of my race and he also allowed us to cover his song Black September on our second CD. We cant thank him enough for his support.

3. Your plans for the future? Gigs, the new album?

Our future plans are just to gig as often as we can and hopefully begin our third CD some time this year.

4. On the skinhead scene, you’re a long time. What says your surroundings that you skinhead? And what does it mean for you to be a skinhead?

Being a skinhead is just a way of life to me,it may sound like a cliche but thats just the way it is!

g_blackout_025. What do you think about the new trends that today a lot of people promote (Hardcore, RAP, etc.)?

I’m not really a fan of Hardcore or rap but if people are promoting it on the scene and the message is a National Socialist/White Power message then thats fine. We have to try and get our voice heard with the youth of today and if its through these genres then thats a good thing.

6. What apolitical skinheads? What kind the relationships between you prevail?

Nonpolitical skinheads do not really feature in my life at all. I have no relationship or connection with any. It does make me wonder tho why so many skins who attend oi! gis are known to be nationalists but for some unknown reason will not attend Blood and Honour concerts?

Blackout7. The scene in our country is quite bankrupt. Young people are not and old often resign. What is situation in your country?

The situation here in Great Britain is much the same. Its very difficult our get our message over to young people, despite the youth being an internet generation and there being much information regarding our movement available to them they just do not seem to be interested in race and nation!!! And have little or no pride in our great history and culture!! Or the white races great achievements …

8. What are your priorities in life?

My priorities in life are to take care of my family first and foremost. Stay healthy as possible, work hard and continue with trying to spread our message to as many people as possible via our music.

9. What is your opinion on the National Front? There are political parties that you supporting?

The National Front was a very big party during the seventies but sadly its support has become much smaller these days. None of the band members are active in any political parties but we do support any pro white party that is trying to promote the 14 Words.

10. About Ian Stuart has been said by many. Have you with him any own experiences? How do you rate his path in life?

Ian’s path in life was sadly cut so short, but we owe him so much. He gave us Blood and Honour and a sense of what’s right. We must NEVER forget all he said and done and all the great music he left us… Remember Ian’s Blood and Honour was set up as the Independent Voice of Rock Against Communism, we should live by his ideals forget all the in fighting and even if we remember just one thing he said then remember this „The colour of our uniform is the colour of our skin!“ … Hail ISD!

11. Several times you’ve played in the Czech Republic with Brutal Attack. How did you perceive the scene in our country? What intrigued you?

We have always enjoyed playing in Czech Republic, concerts have always been very good with great atmospheres. Many times tho there has been police outside which saddens me as there has never really been any trouble, but i blame the governments as the police are just doing their bidding.

Blackout12. How often playing? You have plenty of time for the band?

We play as often as we can but as we all have families/children and also we all have full time work commitments and so sometimes its just not possible to do as many concerts as we would like to.

13. Which band did you joy recently?

Which band have i enjoyed recently is a difficult question as we see many bands during the many concerts we play all over Europe… But I do have to mention Italian band Legittima Offesa, these guys are great friends and are a great live band with so much energy.

14. What was your first tattoo? Which for you the most means?

My first tattoo was a Welsh Dragon, obviously a patriotic emblem of my country and so it means very much to me.

15. England is a beatiful country with amazing history. What does it mean to you to be Englishman?

England is a very beautiful country yes but being an englishman means nothing to me as obviously I am a Welsh man. But all of us in Blackout are patriotic and love Wales as well as Great Britain.

Blackout16. How do you see the future of your country?

Right now the future looks bleak!! With our governments bending over backwards to please and appease muslims especially I can see this causing much conflict in the future… But islam is just part of the problem and the main thing to worry about is more the New World Order trying to control the masses and trying to tell us how to think and trying to impose their sick multi culture ideals upon us.

17. What you the most fulfilling personal life?

Whats personally most fulfilling to me is my relationship with my lovely woman Kim and of course my family. My music and my work also play a big part in my fulfillment.

18. Thank you for interview. Final word.

Many thanks for asking us to do this interview, many thanks to all the people who attend our concerts and buy or CD’s. We cant thank you enough for your support, without you we are nothing. And to anyone reading this please continue fighting for the 14 Words.


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